Thursday, January 26

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Fear in the Night Film-Noir

A man dreams he committed murder, then begins to suspect it was real.   More Info


Danger Signal Film-Noir

A man's plot to marry for money takes a turn when he finds himself drawn to his mark's sister.  More Info


Flight From Destiny Film-Noir

A professor with only 6 months to live becomes obsessed with the idea of murder...  More Info


The Breaking Point Film-Noir

A captain desperate to keep his charter boat afloat get entangled in a criminal get-away.  More Info


Backlash Film-Noir

A lawyer offers a ride to a hitchhiker and becomes implicated in a murder.  More Info


Shadow on the Wall Film-Noir

A woman's act of rage and revenge is witnessed by a young girl, which places her life in danger.  More Info


Caged Film-Noir

A young woman is sent to prison for a petty crime and will do anything just to survive.  More Info


Violence Film-Noir

A journalist goes undercover, and just as she begins to discover a group's true motives, she loses her memory.  More Info


Violent Saturday Film-Noir

The perfect plan for a robbery becomes complicated when it turns deadly.  More Info


The Glass Wall Film-Noir

Peter, displaced by World War II and about to be deported, jumps ship in New York Harbor to find Tom, an ex-GI whom he helped during the war and the only person who can prove Peter's legal right to stay in the United States.   More Info


Shadow of a Woman Film-Noir

A woman begins to believe that her new husband is intentionally starving his son from a previous marriage in order to get the insurance claim.  More Info


The Spiritualist (The Amazing Mr. X) Film-Noir

A widow who is about to remarry is suddenly haunted by the memory of her dead husband.  More Info


The Hoodlum Film-Noir

A paroled criminal must decide between his family and a tempting crime.  More Info