Where can I watch Movies! ?

Search our interactive map to find a Movies! affiliate in your area.

What cable providers carry Movies! in my area?

In some markets, Movies! is carried on multiple cable systems. In order to determine if your cable system carries Movies!, visit our interactive map. If you discover that your cable company does not carry Movies!, please contact your cable company with the name of your local TV station which carries Movies!

How can I advertise on Movies! ?

Visit our advertising page for our network advertising contact.

Why am I seeing a different program than what's listed on your schedule right now?

On rare occasions a program is changed or substituted by the Network, and these changes may not be reflected on your on-screen or printed guides. We do this in instances where the program rights belong to another broadcaster in your market. In other instances, your local affiliate may be substituting content with local programming, news, or sports.
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