Noir Vs. Noir

The Arthur Freed Unit

They Used How Many Pies in The Great Race?

Quiz: Whose Working Title Is That?

Hollywood Hounds: Leaders of the Pack

The What's Up on What's Up Doc?

Doris Day Could Have Been Mrs. Robinson?!

Joan, Bette, or Both?

Ida Cried Thanks to Bogie in High Sierra

There's a Big Oopsy in Left-Handed Gun

The Boat Sunk and Other Last of Sheila Stories

Another Star Wanted Mildred Pierce

Bonnie and Clyde Was a Comedy Star's Film Debut

Point Blank Needed Lee Marvin

How the West Was Cinerama

When Wilder Met Pryor

On John Wayne

Know How Fast the Cast of His Girl Friday Talked?

It Happened... Thanks to Capra, Gable, and Colbert

Remembering Sidney Poitier

The Truth Behind Brubaker

Remember Old Chicago with Call Northside 777

McQueen and MacGraw Fell in Love with The Getaway

Behind the Scenes Photos from Von Ryan's Express

Teeth Were Hurt in the Making of Gilda

Cagney's Breakout: The Public Enemy

Chris Farley and David Spade Fought Over a Tommy Boy Co-Star

The True Story Behind Davis' Heaven

The Director's Daughter: Pat Hitchcock

Lupino Had to Be Cut Out of a Dress for the Man I Love!

Don Knotts Gets Fishy in Limpet

When Miniver Won Best Picture

Redford Wasn't Just Acting in Jeremiah Johnson

Haircuts Were Mandatory for The Dirty Dozen

Gable Inspired Bugs Bunny?

Beery Got Shot and Other Tales of Treasure Island

On James Dean

Ford Got His Stolen Part Thanks to Bette

Art Carney Was Not a Cat Person...

Behind On Dangerous Ground

Reagan Remembers Rockne

Dean Leaves His Mark: East of Eden

End of the Affair Felt "Real" for Kerr and Johnson

Cattle Horns, Crazy Horses, and Cowboy

Bogie and Bacall's Last Pairing: Key Largo

When Batman Hit the Big Screen

On Spencer Tracy

Life with Father Could Have Reunited Loy and Powell!

Kim Novak Remembers Bell, Book, and Candle

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