Movies! Schedule For Washington, DC

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The Tall Men Western

Two brothers leading a herd of cattle fall for the same woman, but must survive attacks from the outside.  More Info


Return of the Bad Men Western

As the Oklahoma Territory joins the United States, infamous outlaws rustle up trouble.  More Info


The Left-Handed Gun Western

A cowboy vows to avenge the death of a rancher who befriended him.  More Info


The Running Man Crime

After faking his own death, a man runs into trouble when an insurance investigator starts snooping around.  More Info


The Last of Sheila Mystery

A millionaire husband invites his friends onto his yacht to play a game, but a secret murderer turns the tables.  More Info


The Stone Killer Thriller

A tough New York cop discovers that a Prohibition-era gangster is planning a massacre—revenge for a 40-year-old crime.  More Info


A Face in the Crowd Drama

A drifter steps into the spotlight after a charming performance makes him a somebody.  More Info


The Sea Wolf Drama

Fugitives must band together to escape a cruel skipper who has a secret on his ship.  More Info


The Hustler Drama

An up-and-coming pool player plays a long-time champion in a high-stakes match.  More Info


They Drive By Night Film-Noir

A hardworking trucker must prove his innocence when his late boss's wife frames him for murder.   More Info