Movies! Schedule For Washington, DC

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You Only Live Once Film-Noir

An ex-convict tries to live on the straight-and-narrow but find disaster waiting.  More Info


The Secret of Convict Lake Western

A convict seeks revenge on the man who framed him but falls in love with his fiance.  More Info


Buck and the Preacher Comedy

A con man helps a group of former slaves survive the perils of the Wild West in their search for the promised land.  More Info


Mogambo Drama

A big game hunter finds himself in a love triangle with a world-wise socialite and a married woman whose husband hired him.  More Info


Duel in the Sun Western

A man's jealousy drives him to chase his former flame who is ready to move on.  More Info


Gentleman's Agreement Drama

A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism.  More Info


The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Drama

A public relations expert copes with revelations of a wartime romance.  More Info


The Keys of the Kingdom Drama

A young priest is sent to China to establish a Catholic parish among the non-Christian Chinese and encounters hostility, disease, and poverty.  More Info


The Gunfighter Western

A notorious gunfighter returns to find his true love but instead finds trouble when a cocky young man provokes a showdown.  More Info


Trapped Film-Noir

An inmate agrees to help the Secret Service retrieve counterfeiting plates, all the while planning to double cross them.  More Info