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Dangerous Passage Film-Noir

After his father dies, a man board a ship home to collect his inheritance... if he can survive.  More Info


The Roaring Twenties Crime

Three men attempt to make a living in Prohibitionist America after returning home from fighting together in World War I.   More Info


Clash By Night Film-Noir

A woman bored in her loveless marriage risks everything for a reckless man.  More Info


Key Largo Crime

While meeting his dead friend's wife and father, a man becomes a hostage to gangsters who take over the hotel.  More Info


While the City Sleeps Film-Noir

When a serial killer is on the loose, media executives fight to be the first to get the scoop.  More Info


Dead Reckoning Mystery

A decorated war veteran becomes entangled in the search for a fellow Medal of Honor winner's killer.  More Info


The Woman on the Beach Film-Noir

A traumatized veteran suspects that his mistress' husband is feigning blindness in order to hold on to his wife.   More Info


The Harder They Fall Drama

An unemployed sportswriter encounters a moral dilemma when he begins publicizing a fighter for a crooked promoter.  More Info


The House on Telegraph Hill Film-Noir

A woman assumes the identity of another and finds herself caught in a murderous plot with a mysterious husband.  More Info


No Questions Asked Film-Noir

An eager attorney is framed by the mob when he tries to leave the racket.  More Info


House of Bamboo Crime

An Army investigator goes undercover in Tokyo to solve a murder.  More Info


Dangerous Crossing Film-Noir

Aboard an ocean liner, a newlywed bride becomes the target of a murder conspiracy when her husband goes into hiding.  More Info

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