Saturday, March 18

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Fractured Flickers Comedy

Hans Conried and celebrity guests present dubbed over silent picture film clips.  More Info


Hopalong Cassidy: Undercover Man Western

Hopalong follows a bandit causing tension by blaming others for his crimes.  More Info


Towed in a Hole Comedy

Stan convinces Ollie that they should become fishermen.  More Info


The Chimp Comedy

Two bumbling circus performers inadvertently help drive the circus into ruin.  More Info


Hoosegow Comedy

Stan and Ollie are hauled off to a prison camp.  More Info


Blondie's Blessed Event Comedy

Dagwood creates a riot at a builders' convention with a controversial speech, which loses him his job at the very same time that Blondie is giving birth to their daughter, Cookie.  More Info


The Trouble with Angels Comedy

A pair of young troublemakers is assigned to a convent school. Try as she may, the Reverend Mother is unable to stop the two from wreaking havoc on the place.  More Info


Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! Comedy

The Mother Superior of St. Francis Academy is challenged by a modern, young nun when they take the girls on a bus trip across the country.  More Info


Downtown Crime

After pulling over a VIP for speeding, police brass transfer Officer Alex Kearney from a rich suburb of Philadelphia to the city's crime ridden downtown. Detective Dennis Curren is the unlucky officer assigned to work with the green Kearney, and the two get off to a rough start. But when Kearney's best friend is killed in a carjacking, he breaks every rule in the book to bring down the bad guys, making an unlikely friend out of Curren in the process.   More Info


No Mercy Romance

A big-city cop follows a gorgeous blonde to New Orleans to avenge the murder of his partner.  More Info


Dog Day Afternoon Drama

A man robs a bank to pay for his lover's operation; it turns into a hostage situation and a media circus.   More Info


Sophie's Choice Drama

A concentration camp survivor moves to New York City where she meets love and her past again.  More Info


D.O.A. Film-Noir

  More Info