Tuesday, January 24

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Stars in My Crown Western

A parson is determined to save a small town hurting from the Civil War and crime.  More Info


Roughshod Western

Escape convicts plot revenge against a rancher, who is helping stranded saloon women.  More Info


Ambush Western

A Westerner searches for a white woman held by the Apaches.  More Info


The Undefeated Western

After the Civil War, Confederate and Union soldiers must work together to stop Mexican bandits.  More Info


Patton Biography

Based on true life, George Patton commands military forces as they fight in World War II.  More Info


The Flim-Flam Man Comedy

A deserter joins a con man on the run, but he begins to question his new life after he falls in love.  More Info


Movie Movie Comedy-Musical

A satire of 1930s genre movies including drama, war, and Broadway.  More Info


The Exorcist III Thriller

An investigation into a series of murders leads a police Lieutenant to a dark truth.  More Info


The Eagle Has Landed War

A German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill unfolds at the height of World War II.  More Info