Wing and a Prayer

1944 | War | TV-PG
Commander Bingo Harper (Don Ameche) is the tough-as-nails commander of an American aircraft carrier running a mission around the Pacific in World War II. His men are ready to fight but, whenever they encounter Japanese aircraft, Harper orders his crew to avoid combat at all costs.The men grow increasingly frustrated with Harper as casualties pile up due to the exploits of the Japanese planes they did not shoot down. However, it's all been an elaborate ploy. Harper has been sent on a decoy mission, in order to lull the Japanese into a false sense of security in preparation for the Battle of Midway, where Harper and his men have their change to fight at last.Nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, A WING AND A PRAYER is a wartime classic.
Featuring: Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, William Eythe, Charles Bickford, Cedric Hardwicke, Richard Jaeckel, Harry Morgan
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