White Feather

1955 | Western | TV-PG
Made in 1955, the story of WHITE FEATHER is about a Cheyenne tribe who agrees to leave its hunting grounds in Wyoming so that white settlers looking for gold can move in. In a rare stand for the time, the film is a sympathetic portrait of the U.S. Army's resettlement of Native Americans in the Old West. In charge of the troops is Colonel Lindsay who is carrying out the resettlement journey. He is helped by an experienced land surveyor, John Tanner. Cheyenne tribesmen Little Dog and American Horse are friends with Tanner and helpful in the resettlement. Then Little Dog's fiancée, Appearing Day, shows her fondness of Tanner. Their attraction threatens to ruin the resettlement plans, and the tribe sends an arrow with a white feather, signifying a declaration of war.
Featuring: Robert Wagner, John Lund