1949 | Film-Noir | TV-PG
In this psychological thriller, Ann Sutton is plagued by kleptomania. She has managed to keep her compulsion a secret from everybody, including her husband, respected psychiatrist William Sutton, but she is plagued by guilt over her actions. When she is inevitably caught attempting to steal a brooch from a department store, a man named David Korvo comes to her rescue and persuades the store's manager not to press charges. Korvo is a hypnotist and convinces Ann that he can help her overcome her disorder. Korvo's motives, however, are far from altruistic. He is planning on murdering his mistress, a woman he has stolen money from and who is threatening to turn him in to the police. He hypnotizes Ann to show up at his mistress' home just after he has done the deed. Discovered at the scene of the crime and unable to explain her presence there, Ann is the prime suspect and will stand trial for the murder.
Featuring: Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, Jose Ferrer, Charles Bickford
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