Phone Call From A Stranger

1952 | Drama | TV-PG
After his wife Jane (Helen Westcott) admits to an extramarital affair, Iowa attorney David Trask abandons her and their daughters and heads for Los Angeles. His flight is delayed, and while waiting in the airport restaurant he meets a few of his fellow passengers. troubled, alcoholic Dr. Robert Fortness (Michael Rennie); aspiring actress Binky Gay (Shelley Winters); and overly-loud traveling salesman Eddie Hoke (Keenan Wynn). When a storm forces the plane to land en route, they continue to share their life stories via flashbacks during the unexpected four-hour layover. They exchange home phone numbers with the idea they may one day have a reunion.
Featuring: Shelley Winters, Gary Merrill, Michael Rennie, Keenan Wynn, Warren Stevens, Bette Davis
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