One Foot in Hell

1960 | Western | TV-PG
In this story created by Aaron Spelling, Mitch, a Confederate veteran, and his wife arrive penniless in a small western town shortly after the Civil War. They lack the $1.87 for medication Mitch's pregnant wife needs, and the townspeople do nothing to help. As a result she dies, which sends Mitch over the edge. In a dark state of mind, he plots revenge.By wheedling his way into the town's good graces, Mitch becomes sheriff, and when the time is right he butchers the three men that quibbled over the cost of his wife's medicine. Mitch also devises retribution for the townspeople: he enlists the help of some shady characters to rob the bank, which will render the town destitute. But his greed betrays him when he turns on his own gang.
Featuring: Alan Ladd, Don Murray, Dan O'Herlihy, Dolores Michaels, Karl Swenson