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During World War II, an African-American officer investigates a murder that may have been racially motivated... More


Tonight on Icons @ 8, it's a double feature of The Duke! Watch John Wayne in The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) and True Grit (1969), tonight starting at 8PM/5PT on MOVIES!


The War of the Worlds

A great classic, always entertaining!! I think this is THE ultimate alien invasion films ever and Barry's most notable film. I feel... More

This Thursday, tune in for a family feast of MOVIES! It's a full day of friendly classics and heartfelt fun –... More


This Thursdsay, it's a Family Feast of MOVIES! Click here for the full schedule: #Thanksgiving


The Collector

William Wyler's The Collector is the story of two people. One, a shy and repressed bank clerk Freddie Clegg (Terrance Stamp), and the other,... More