Yvette Vickers Remembers Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

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Yvette Vickers’ casting in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman came about thanks to Allison Hayes.

At the time, both actresses shared the same agent. Hayes was cast first for the sci-fi flick, and according to Vickers, her agent was then able to make it a package deal for his two clients.

“Allison Hayes helped me a lot because it was my first really large role,” Vickers said. “So I was a little insecure, and I used to go to her for advice. She gave me tips on how to behave on the set, that sort of thing. She was very, very helpful.”

Originally titled The Astounding Giant Woman, the film (which was shot in 8 days) features solid performances despite the rather low budget special effects.

“We shot fast, and it was very intense. That raised the energy level.”

Vickers especially liked her part.

“Of course, I loved the idea of playing this vamp… and I still do,” she said. “I think those are the fun parts. You get to do everything you’re afraid to do in life. I just had a ball doing it. I let out all the stops.”

And apparently Vickers did such a good job that the line between reality and fiction was blurred for some.

She said, “A lot of women believed that I was really like the roles I played. It was so funny. They would practically rush with their husbands to the other side of the room when they saw me.”

The role was also quite dangerous, as it turned out.

During the scene when the café is attacked by Hayes, Vickers has wood and debris fall on top of her. After the stunt was shot, a crew member told her not to move because a board with a nail had landed right by her ear.

“So from then on, when I had to do scenes like that, I’d go to the director and ask, ‘Are you sure everything’s going to be all right?'"

Altogether, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman was a solid role for Vickers and one that’s earned her a fanbase.

She said, “People seem to get such a kick out of it – young people particularly. They watch this nutty movie and laugh at the special effects and so on, and yet they like the actors – Allison, Bill Hudson, and myself.”