The Bunny Boiled 'Round the World

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Thanks to Fatal Attraction, the phrase “bunny boiler” entered the public’s vocabulary to describe an obsessed woman whose vengeful behavior can go off the rails.

However, the phrase could have easily been “bunny griller” if not for a small tweak to the screenplay.

“Initially I had her grilling the bunny,” screenwriter James Dearden said, “But I thought that was too grotesque. So we boiled the bunny instead.”

And yes, that was a real bunny.

Committed to authenticity, director Adrian Lyne wanted an actual rabbit for the film’s famous scene. Thankfully, the bunny was already dead and was purchased from a butcher.

Lyne said, “…the stench was beyond belief. That probably helped Anne [Archer] because the smell was so bad."

But what did Glenn Close think about it?

 “The bunny was the one thing I had a question about. It seemed over-the-top. People die all the time in movies, but when you kill an animal – which I seem to be getting famous for – that’s a whole different thing,” Close joked, referring to her time as Cruella DeVille in the live action 101 Dalmatians  and its sequel.

“The fact that 'bunny boiler' is in the dictionary now, I just think it’s great,” Close said.