The Blob Lives!

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Even though Steve McQueen and company froze the alien monster at the end of the classic 1958 science fiction flick, the hungry blob lives on!

His new home: the basement of movie memorabilia collector, Wes Shank.

Shank first caught the collection bug from the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine,  which featured classified advertisements for movie posters. The hobby soon took off, and he acquired publicity photographs, costumes, and props, especially those with connections to science fiction properties.

After a screening of The Blob, Shank noticed that the production company, Valley Forge Films, was located in Pennsylvania. Surprised that the movie was filmed outside of Hollywood, he decided to reach out and see if he could tour their studio. Not only did he get a private tour, but he got a private tour from The Blob’s director Irvin “Shorty” Yeaworth!

The director showed him where Blob scenes were shot and also opened a mysterious 5-gallon can which contained a very special something...

Shank said, “He opened up the can and showed us this red, sticky goop. It was the actual movie monster from the 50s! I was amazed that it was still around.”

The silicone blob was made by chemical company, Union Carbide. Red dye gave the monster its color, and they made it darker and darker as it consumed more people (and their blood). Making the monster appear bigger than it actually was involved using miniature sets and movie magic.

Yeaworth let Shank take home a small blob sample, and that’s when Shank knew he had to have the rest. After a lot of persuading, he was finally able to purchase the entire monster in 1965. Yeaworth also gave him a signed copy of the shooting script and some of the miniature sets.

“The Blob is not like the rubbery substance we have today. This is sixty years old, and it is still pliable,” Shank said.

So beware movie fans! The blob is always ready to strike at any moment…