Recognize this Mansion?

In The Day Mars Invaded Earth, a family becomes the target of out-of-this-world enemies while staying at a mansion. But it’s not just any mansion. It’s the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles! Don’t know about it? Well, buckle up.

It all started with Edward Laurence Doheny. Born in Wisconsin, he left the cheese state when he caught gold fever. In 1892, Doheny and friend Charles Canfield became the first men to strike oil in Los Angeles. Their luck didn’t end there either, and they found black gold in Mexico as well in 1901. Thanks to these two oil deposits, he became the largest producer of oil.

In 1926, Doheny Sr. gifted 12.58 acres to his son, Edward Jr., in celebration of his wedding.

The next year, the Doheny’s manor began construction and took three years to complete. Designed by architect Gordon B. Kaufmann, the mansion features 55 livable rooms, a movie theater, bowling alley, and much more. Outside there were stables, tennis courts, a swimming pool, green house, waterfalls, a fire station, and a gatehouse. Not too shabby! The estate’s price tag exceeded three million dollars.

In 1955, it was sold to Henry Crown and years later, Beverly Hills. The estate, which is open to the public now, has been used by several films including The Day Mars Invaded Earth, Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Dead Ringer, The Trouble with Angels, Ghostbusters, Indecent Proposal, and X-Men.

Below are some stills of Greystone as featured in The Day Mars Invaded Earth!