Nosferatu Made This Canon

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While Nosferatu plagiarized from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it deviated from the novel at one very important part.

When Count Orlok finally sucks the blood of his love, rather than her beginning her transition toward being like him, as Stoker lays out, our titular vampire instead meet his demise when he sun rises. That’s right – there’s no final confrontation with the famous Van Helsing and there’s no stake through the heart.

Instead, he dies because of his own poor timing – from big bad to barbeque.

Interestingly, this demise – death by sunlight – isn’t from Stoker’s work. In his novel, Dracula, the sun is merely a hindrance to his dark creatures, weakening, but not killing them.

Given the influence, however, of the great Nosferatu, this added tool in the vampire slayers’ belt became canon.