Nina Foch Howls about Werewolves

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In 1943, Nina Foch made her film debut in The Return of the Vampire. In the horror picture, Foch finds herself in the crossfire of a vampire and his werewolf assistant, played by Matt Willis.

Remembering the film, she said, “In those days that make-up was very, very hard to do because they didn’t have the skills that they do now. It took a lot of patience on [Willis'] part. But he was a very nice fellow.”

One year later, Foch got to reverse roles – going from a human to a werewolf.

In Cry of the Werewolf, she played a gypsy queen who, like her mother, could transform into the beast at will. However, unlike Willis, Foch didn't have to undergo a make-up transformation. Instead, an animal was used.

“The nice thing about playing a wolf is that you get to rest sometimes because the wolf has to work,” she remembered. “And in a B picture that’s a good thing. You can go to your trailer from time to time.”

The film didn’t actually use a wolf though. Instead, it chose to work with a German shepherd.

 “The trouble with animals that work in films is they tend to smell. No matter how you try it, they’re still in a nervous state.”

Apparently, even “werewolves” have feelings.