Monroe's Iconic Itch Moment

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One of the most iconic scenes in film history is found in The Seven Year Itch when Marilyn Monroe’s dress flies up as a subway car passes.

The scene was filmed in September 1954 on the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue in New York. Thousands of spectators stood by and watched as Monroe performed the trick fourteen times over a period of three hours. Knowing there would be a crowd, Monroe prepared, wearing two pairs of underwear.

While it was an exciting moment for onlookers, it was dreadful for one person in particular – her husband, famed baseball player, Joe DiMaggio.

Director Billy Wilder wrote in his autobiography, “…he didn’t like what he saw, or what everyone else was seeing.”

The scene caused a riff in their relationship, and shortly afterward, Monroe filed for divorce.

Due to all of the buzz around the scene, none of the takes were usable because the crowd's noise ruined each of them. So the scene was reshot on the studio lot. Interestingly, the original footage of the scene was lost and remains so today – though its legacy and stills from the night live on.

Also, Monroe’s iconic white dress sold for a staggering $4.6 million at auction in 2011.