It Was Fun and Games on the Set of Nothing Sacred

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Nothing Sacred was originally to be a re-teaming of Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, after their success in the box-office success A Star is Born.

However, director William Wellman, who had fought to get Gaynor for Star, this time believed Carole Lombard was the right choice.

Ben Hect, who wrote the screenplay, hoped that John Barrymore would play the male lead, but he was vetoed by producer David O. Selznick, who had doubts about the actor’s fitness to perform.

By all accounts, the set of Nothing Sacred was fun – at least for Wellman and Lombard who traded practical jokes. She had him placed in a straight-jacket while he had her learn how to tackle a man for the film’s climax. Even March joined in on the fun by racing a fire engine around the lot with the sirens blaring. No wonder Lombard recalled this film as one of her favorites.

The humor on set certainly translated onto the screen, and the movie performed well. Years later, it would become a Broadway play and a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis team-up.