Gable's Four-Legged Call of the Wild Pal

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Clark Gable was quite the fan of his Call of the Wild canine co-star, Buck. While filming in Mount Baker, Washington, Gable got to spend weeks getting to know the hound. However, even their close relationship couldn’t get Buck to perform when they moved to the San Fernando Valley.

In the excessive heat, the dog didn’t want to perform the film’s important scene where he pulls Gable’s sled to victory. Instead of running, he chose to lie down with his tongue out. To be fair, the temperatures were so hot that some extras (who were dressed in heavy coats to make it appear colder) fainted.

Director William Wellman wouldn’t give up though. He had two female dogs found near the location and brought to the set. They were a Pomeranian and a French Poodle. Wellman had them hidden from Buck until the time came for the dog to perform.

“The minute Buck saw them, he leapt to his feet,” Wellman recalled. “He would have dragged that sled to San Francisco.”

Unfortunately for Buck, after his performance, he didn’t get to meet the ladies, who were whisked away. He was so bummed about it that he even snapped at his friend, Gable, when offered a treat afterwards.