From Charlie's Angels to Friends

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Charlie’s Angels debuted on television in 1976 and had quite an impact on the cultural zeitgeist. In 2000, the series came back as a feature film starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu.

When developing the movie, many ideas were floated about whether it should be a spoof, remake, action flick, or comedy. Barrymore, who also served as a producer, explained that the intent was never to insult the show.

“The women are empowered. They’re smart. They’re doing the detective work. They’re solving the crimes, and they’re having a really good time doing it. And also, the fact that women can work together and be friends is amazing. It’s not rare. It’s just wonderful,” Barrymore said.

Cameron Diaz said, “I remember it growing up. My sister played Charlies Angel’s, and I just thought they were beautiful women who were powerful. They were role models to me.”

While filming, the three actresses were taken out of their comfort zones through various stunts, scenes, and even choreography. The experience bonded them together, and a lasting friendship continued even after the cameras stopped.

“It's our touchpoint. But then we have that foundation and then we've obviously grown and learned and changed. I know that 20 years has gone by, but I feel like it was yesterday,” Lui said.

In 2020, when Drew Barrymore premiered her daytime talk show, the three reunited in front of the camera to launch the series. For Barrymore, the reunion felt like the perfect beginning.

She said, “I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years. We are friends, we are fellow Angels.”