A Frankenstein That Stings

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The tale of Frankenstein has been adapted multiple times, but The Bride sought to show a new side of the familiar tale by introducing his lesser explored creation – a woman.

Producer Victor Drai said, “When [screenwriter] Lloyd Fonvielle came to me with the idea of combing Pgymalion and Beauty and the Beast told against the backdrop of Mary Shelley’s timeless tale of Frankenstein I flipped.”

Director Franc Roddam said, “The irony is that there is this sophisticated, learned scientist who creates two living beings, expecting that they will be almost primitive and inhuman. And they turn out to be the most sensitive and the most kind – the most human.”

Bringing the main characters to life are Sting as the Baron Frankenstein and Jennifer Beals as his creation, Eva.

Interestingly, Sting was first considered for the role of a soldier who’s instrumental in Eva’s life. But after reading the script, he knew he had to play the baron.

Sting described Frankenstein by saying, “I’m a character who wants to own, wants to control, wants to possess. That’s my destruction in the end, because you can’t love someone nad possess them at the same time.”

Beals saw Eva’s journey as a breakout story.

“[She] appreciates everything she learned from Frankenstein, but I also wanted her to be herself and to try to live outside her intended role.”

Director Roddam echoes this sentiment and said, “I’ve made sure to make it very strong and very real. It may restate some basic truths as fairy tales do – women should be treated as equals, people should be kind – but restating them in an exotic environment often gives them a new urgency.”

Adapted from Sony Pictures Production Notes.