Recognize Haunted Hill's Famous House?

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Every haunted house story needs its haunted house, including William Castle’s House on Haunted Hill.

“Bill couldn’t find a haunted house that pleased him, so he took one of the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Hollywood and turned it into a haunted house,” Vincent Price said.

Exteriors for the film were shot at the Ennis House, reportedly one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorites to design. Built in 1924, the textile house was inspired by Mayan architecture, and it was also used for other movies, such as Blade Runner and The Day of the Locust.

Haunted Hill screenwriter Robb White said, “We were not allowed to shoot inside, but the guy who owned it let us look around. It was one weird house.”

Apparently at the time, the home’s owner only furnished one room, and the furniture was a bed, a chair, a nightstand, and a card table.

Since they weren’t allowed to film inside, the interiors of the haunted house were shot on a studio set.