A Closer Look at Clue

Created in the 1940s, the board game Clue (or Cluedo as it was first known across the pond) is filled with details that players have to solve. Much like its source material, the film adaption has secrets of its own. Have you spotted these?

1. The characters' cars matched their code name.

Each character arrived in a car that matched their respective colors – yellow (Colonel Mustard), red (Miss Scarlet), and Mrs. Peacock (blue), to name a few.

2. The telegram girl is from the Go-Gos.

That’s Jane Wiedlin, the guitarist from the Go-Gos, in her first film role.

3. Hitchcock used the same space.

The Clue house wasn’t real. Rather, it was built at Paramount where Alfred Hitchcock built his set for Rear Window.

4. The floor is a nod to the game board.

Notice the parquet floor which matches the floor seen in the board game’s house.

5. The house is a literary house.

The guests arrive at Hill House, the notorious house in The Haunting, based on Shirley Jackson’s novel.

6. Lee Ving was a studio pick.

Ving is the frontman of the band Fear, who made headlines with their punk music and their notorious performance on SNL.

7. The cop was handpicked.

Bill Henderson was picked because he was a jazz singer. Director Lynn said, “I was a fan. I used to be a jazz musician.”

8. The gargoyles found a new home.

After filming, director Jonathan Lynn brought them to his garden. Later, he gifted them to his mother for her garden.