Behind the Scenes Photos from Titanic

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Long before Kate and Leo took their journey, Barbara Stanwyck, Clifton Webb, and a whole cast of characters went aboard 1953's Titanic.

According to screenwriter Walter Reisch, 20th Century Fox studio head, Darryl F. Zanuck, got the ball rolling for the film because he wanted a vehicle for Clifton Webb to kickstart his career as a character actor.

When there were issues registering Titanic as the title, Nearer God to Thee and Passenger List were considered.

Actual survivors of the Titanic attended the film’s preview in 1953 and found the experience “depressingly realistic.”

Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Wagner became friends on set, especially because the actress took the time to help the Hollywood newbie. Wagner later said, "She's a sensitive lady beneath that kind of sharp front. She changed my whole approach to my work.”

Clifton Webb also thought highly of Stanwyck and said, “That woman’s an absolute dream to work with.”

Titanic won an Academy Award for best screenplay and also received recognition for its set and art direction. A twenty-foot model was created to show the sinking of the ship.