Behind the Scenes Photos from Hitchcock's Lifeboat

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Lifeboat is the only film that director Alfred Hitchcock made for 20th Century Fox. It was controversial at the time due to its depiction of the German captain, especially since World War II had yet to end.

The film was originally Hitchcock’s idea, and John Steinbeck fleshed it out. At one point, the film was going to star an all-male cast.

Hitchcock gave Tallulah Bankhead a Sealyham Terrier during production which she named Hitchcock.

Bankhead vowed not to drink until World War II ended. While filming, Hitchcock never saw her break that promise.

Hitchcock lost 100 pounds while filming due to his new diet.

According to Hitchcock, Mary Anderson expected to become a star after signing with 20th Century Fox. When she asked the director what her best side was, he commented, “Mary, you’re sitting on it.”

Many of the actors experienced seasickness while filming on a boat in a sound stage.