Another Actress Coulda Been the Black Widow Darling

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Black Widow was based on Fatal Woman by Hugh Wheeler, which director Nunnally Johnson directed and wrote.

Tallulah Bankhead (known for dropping "dah-ling") was considered for the lead before Ginger Rogers was cast.

Darryl Zanuck thought Rogers would be perfect for the role, especially because he felt that no one would suspect her.

This film continued to show that Rogers could do more than musicals.

Before the production started, Gene Tierney gave birth to a young daughter with severe health issues. Due to the stress, Tierney struggled to remember her lines but continued to work hard.

Gregory Peck and William Holden were considered for the lead, which went to Van Heflin.

Director Johnson was impressed with George Raft’s professionalism and thought he played the role well.