Batman's original utility belt was made out of sponges

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Who didn't want to own a Batman utility belt as a kid? 

The bright yellow, pouch covered belt hanging around Adam West's waist was an iconic part of his Batman outfit. In the 1960s, the Ideal Toy Company manufactured one for purchase, complete with Bat-Cuffs and "Bat-A-Rang." It was fun, but it looked nothing like its TV counterpart (see below).

Believe it or not, one of the prop utility belts was made of kitchen sponges. When the show was first broadcast, the "source material" would never have been noticed. Thankfully, the absorbant "pouches" were later replaced with wood blocks (sometimes covered in leather, which were then painted with yellow latex gloss paint.

The pouches were, in some cases, interchangeable to add the deep triangular pouch used to holster the Batarang on the belt. As for the tubes that are seen on the belt, those were simply wooden dowels painted and added to break up the belt a bit from the rectangular pouches.