All About Barbra

Barbra Streisand can be argued as one of the most accomplished musicians of all time. With more than 68 million records sold worldwide and 36 studio albums under her belt, Streisand is more than deserving of a superstar status.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Streisand recalls being entranced by television and movies at an early age. Streisand has often recalled singing on her front stoop as child, which eventually led to her being invited to sing at weddings and other neighborhood events. But Streisand knew acting was her ultimate desire. After graduating high school at 16, Barbra set out in Manhattan to follow her dreams of being on stage. After landing a small role in an on stage musical, Streisand appeared in numerous televised singing performances, including a few appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. The public excitement behind the rising star led to Streisand’s debut singing album “The Barbra Streisand Album” being released in 1963. The album placed on the top 10 Billboard charts and went on to win three Grammy awards.

Streisand’s musical success never derailed her love for acting. Barbra made her return to the stage in the 1964 musical Funny Girl. The success of the play led to Streisand starring in the 1968 film adaption of the same title. Initially, Streisand had little interest in the role, but producer Ray Stark said he would not make the film without her. Lucky for Streisand, the ultimatum worked in her favor when she walked away with a Best Actress win at both the Golden Globes and Oscars that year. Over the next couple of years, Streisand starred in numerous comedies. In 1978, she starred in the critically acclaimed A Star is Born.  Streisand also helped write and compose numerous titles on the soundtrack which earned her a second Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Evergreen”. 

Over the last 50 years, Streisand has become one of the bestselling recording artists of all time. She holds the record for the most top 10 albums of any female recording artists. In addition to her two Oscar Awards, she is also the recipient of ten Grammy Awards, five Emmy Awards and a Special Tony Award, accomplishments only a select group of entertainers has been able to achieve. Streisand’s talent and dedication to her craft has solidified her place as a musical legend and star.