Friday, August 5

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The Three Musketeers Adventure

An ambitious young man is taken under the wing of The Three Musketeers and fights to save France and the honor of a lady.  More Info


St. Ives Action

A struggling novelist accepts a job as go-between to deliver a blackmail payment and gets entangled in a bigger plot.  More Info


Somebody Up There Likes Me Sports

After he falls in love, an ex-convict fights his way to the top of the boxing world. Based on boxer Rocky Graziano.  More Info


No Way Out Film-Noir

  More Info


A Letter to Three Wives Drama

A letter is addressed to three wives from their "best friend" Addie Ross, announcing that she is running away with one of their husbands--but she doesn't say which one.   More Info


All About Eve Drama

When a Broadway star takes a fan under her wing, she soon discovers the woman's ulterior motives.  More Info


Cleopatra Drama-Biography

Cleopatra VII, the young queen of Egypt, struggles to resist the imperial ambitions of Rome after the assassination of her Roman husband, Julius Caesar.   More Info


Titanic Drama

Unhappily married and uncomfortable with life among the British upper crust, Julia Sturges takes her two children aboard the Titanic for a new life in America. Her husband, Richard, also arranges passage on the doomed luxury liner with plans to gain custody of the children.   More Info


The Model and the Marriage Broker Comedy

A cynical marriage broker meddles in a model's love life by trying to set her up with a radiologist.  More Info