The Ultimate Thin Man Quiz

The beloved husband and wife team are unforgettable in the mystery Thin Man series. But how well do you know the movies?

  1. How many Thin Man movies were made?
  2. Nick and Nora's last name is…
  3. Which It's A Wonderful Life actor did not appear in the film series?
  4. Nick and Nora's dog is called...
  5. When Myrna Loy almost didn't reprise her role, which actress was considered to replace her?
  6. Which Thin Man movie was nominated for the most Oscars?
  7. Which was NOT a working title for one of the Thin Man Movies?
  8. Which actor didn't play Nick and Nora's son?
  9. Myrna Loy and William Powell starred in how many films together?
  10. Which actress was considered for the part of Nora before Loy was cast?
  11. Asta's real name was…
  12. The true Thin Man is featured in how many films?
  13. Asta bit which actor?
  14. Which film made the most money?
The Ultimate Thin Man Quiz

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