Quiz: Tracy or Hepburn?

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were a dynamic pair that starred in nine films together. Ever since their first collaboration Woman of the Year, audiences wanted to see more and enjoyed how their individual strengths played off each other so well on the screen.

And yet, off-camera the two were quite different in life and their approach to acting. See if you can tell if the below is either Tracy or Hepburn!

  1. Wore specially built platform shoes to be taller.
  2. "The art of acting is learn your lines."
  3. Used to shave his or her head every summer as a child.
  4. Hated to wear movie make-up.
  5. Was the first to win an Academy Award.
  6. Was the first to be nominated for an Academy Award
  7. "I can't take criticism."
  8. Considered joining the church as a profession.
  9. Spat on a director (who apparently deserved it!)
  10. Thought too much rehearsal made the performance stale.
  11. "I've always like to live in smal spaces because I life a small life."
  12. Won the most Academy Awards
  13. Was born in Wisconsin.
  14. Won two Academy Awards in two consecutive years.
  15. "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
Quiz: Tracy or Hepburn?

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