Quiz: The All-Star Star Is Born Quiz

Click for showtimes for A Star Is Born (1937), A Star Is Born (1954), or A Star Is Born (1976).

Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand. Each led their own tale of a young starlet on the rise and the pressures that threaten to topple them. How well do you know each version from the other?

  1. In this version, Esther does impressions of Hollywood figures to get attention.
  2. This Esther doesn't change her name.
  3. Which one was nominated for the most Oscars?
  4. According to the publicity, this leading lady made her "comeback" in A Star Is Born.
  5. Which star was not considered for the leading man part?
  6. This actress played Esther in a radio adaption.
  7. Each version features an award ceremony. What's the right order by year?
  8. Which leading lady is given a false nose in her version?
  9. Which leading lady was not nominated for an Oscar?
  10. In this version, a significant character dies in a car crash.
  11. Which won the most Oscars?
  12. Which version introduced Norman's line about wanting to look at Esther's face again?
Quiz: The All-Star Star Is Born Quiz

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