Quiz: Name That Muppet!

It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights… Four decades later, the Muppets continue to delight. See if you can remember their names!

  1. This wild and crazy drummer is a fan favorite.
  2. This mallet-wielding Muppet would smash the gong in The Muppet Show theme song.
  3. This laboratory assistant is typically in a state of panic.
  4. What is the name of this patriotic eagle?
  5. This keyboard-playing bandleader was performed by Jim Henson.
  6. Gonzo was in love with this particular chicken.
  7. Who is this realistic looking bear giving Kermit a bear hug on the 2015 series The Muppets.
  8. This hip, fish-faced Muppet with dreadlocks was the host of Muppets Tonight.
  9. This Muppet has a name that sounds like an Oceanic nation.
  10. Jean Stapleton sang an ode to her favorite Muppet, this "Crazy" pyromaniac.
  11. Who is this dapper pig flirting with Leslie Ann Warren?
  12. This sophisticated dragon thespian made his debut alongside Vincent Price in a 1977 episode of The Muppet Show.
Quiz: Name That Muppet!

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