How Well Do You Remember Ghost?

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Released in 1990, Ghost was a smash. It became the highest grossing film that year and received two Academy Awards. So how well do you remember this tear-jerker?

  1. What is the opening line of the film?
  2. 2. What object do Sam and Molly have difficulty getting through their apartment window?
  3. 3. What song are Sam and Molly listening to during the famous pottery scene?
  4. Before Sam is shot, which play do he and Molly see?
  5. What is the name Sam and Oda Mae use to take the four million dollars out of the bank?
  6. What does Sam make Oda Mae do with the four million dollars?
  7. What is Oda Mae watching on TV when Sam comes to warn her that Carl knows what they’ve done?
  8. What is the first object that Sam is able to move as a ghost?
  9. At the end of the film, what does Molly say after Sam tells her that he’s always loved her?
  10. What song does Sam sing all night long to annoy Oda Mae into helping him?
How Well Do You Remember Ghost?

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