Can you survive the Night of the Living Dead Quiz?

The 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead is so similar to the 1968 original that it seems the only obvious difference is that it’s in color. Perhaps that’s because George A. Romero, creator of the zombie cult classic, returned to write and executively produce the reboot.

If you consider yourself a fan of this cult classic, let’s see how well you know both films.

  1. In the opening, which film shows the car driving through an arbor before entering the cemetery?
  2. Which film features the female lead speaking first?
  3. Which animal head was hanging from the wall in both films?
  4. In which film does her brother call her “Barbie”?
  5. In the original, Barbra and Johnny visit their father’s grave. In the remake, they visit:
  6. What type of furniture was used to block the door entrance in both films?
  7. In the remake, Barbara enters the house and does what first?
  8. What’s the first line of dialogue Ben asks Barbara in the 1990 version?
  9. Who did Barbra recognize while attempting to fight the zombies off?
  10. Where do both Bens eventually take refuge in?
  11. Which statement is correct?
  12. Which film is longer?
Can you survive the Night of the Living Dead Quiz?

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