When Lucy Got Roasted

In 1975, Dean Martin hosted a comedy roast for Lucille Ball at the MGM Grand Hotel. In attendance were her past co-stars, well-known comedians, and her husband, Gary Morton – all of whom took friendly jabs at her.

Taking the podium at the end, she joked, “Some performers can go through their entire career and never, never have a night like this. Those are the lucky ones.”

1. Dean Martin

“There isn’t anything this woman can’t do. She can sing, she can dance, she can get laughs – especially with her singing and dancing.”

“Last week, the tapes of all the Lucy television shows were submitted to the Library of Congress, and after they were viewed, I’m happy to say President Ford granted Lucy a full pardon.”

2. Ginger Rogers

“I’ve known Lucy longer than anyone here. I think it’s safe to say that. What isn’t so safe to say is how I feel about her.”

3. Vivian Vance

“I’ve known Lucille Ball – man and boy – for over twenty years. And during that time, I consider the years I spent on I Love Lucy to be perhaps the biggest rip-off of my career.”

4. Jack Benny

“I couldn’t care if she’s on fifty times a day. If she wants the public to get sick of her, that’s her problem.”

5. Henry Fonda

“One night Jimmy asked me if I’d like to double-date with a friend of Gingers, a young actress under contract to RKO named Lucille Ball – she was going nowhere.”

6. Gary Morton

“I tell you Lucy and I fight, but we never go to sleep mad. Of course, one year we were up for three months.”

7. Gale Gordon

“I love Lucy poppycock! How can you love a woman who began each TV season by making the whole cast bow their heads and pray that Carol Burnett turned gray?”

8. Milton Berle

“Did you know that Lucille Ball used to travel with the Kay Kyser band? She wasn’t a singer. She just liked to travel with the band.”

9. Bob Hope

“Lucy and I made some pictures together. And sometimes I watch our old movies on the late show and tears come to my eyes cuz everyone else is watching Johnny Carson.”

“Lucy has to get up early tomorrow morning. Earl Scheib’s doing her hair.”