Stevenson Revisits Horror Hotel

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When making Horror Hotel, Venetia Stevenson didn’t know that it would become a gem among the film community. Despite its low budget, the moody movie captures the eerie tale of a woman’s search into witchcraft and the unforeseen fate that she can’t stop…

Stevenson said, “It’s a good movie. It’s beautifully done and timeless.”

1. On getting cast.

“I think one of the producers saw me on television [on Jukebox Jury], and they were looking for a young American actress. That’s how I got the job. The only thing I brought to the movie really was an American accent.”

2. On the hardest part.

“The two things I remember most about the movie was first of all the amount of fog there was… It was very cold on the set to keep the fog on the ground. The second thing I remember most was the very long day I had having to scream. And you’d think it might be easy to scream, but it’s very hard because nobody ever really screams at the top of their lungs and screams so continually… but I had to scream for like a whole day. I’ll never forget that part. It was one of the hardest acting jobs.”

3. On Christopher Lee.

“To be honest, I didn’t know who Christopher Lee was until right after I did the movie. My American friends told me that he was like the British counterpoint to Vincent Price… I wasn’t aware of him. He seemed like a very nice gentlemen, a good voice.”

4. On its legacy.

“I’m really surprised of all the films that I’ve done this is the one that most people who are real film buffs know about. I’m just amazed how this movie has stood up over many of the other films that I’ve done… The cinematography was way ahead of its time… beautifully done.”