On Vincent Price

At six feet four inches and playing some of most dastardly villains on screen, Vincent Price could have been an imposing person off-camera as well. But his humor and passion for life are evident in the memories of those he worked with.

Here is Vincent Price in their own words…

1. Jane Russell

"He’s a perfectly wonderful, terrible man. Everybody adores him. He has the most marvelous sense of humor in the world. He seems so grand, and he’s just a naughty boy."

2. Johnny Depp

“[He was a] really sweet man, very, very smart… He called me every year on my birthday—he was a Gemini, too—and left me these beautiful messages."

3. Angela Lansbury

“He had such authority and strength on screen. He was a wonderful villain…Vincent was the consummate actor. Most giving and sharing. Prepared to rehearse, and make it wonderful for everybody.”

4. Maureen O'Hara

“He was outlandish! Loved to joke around! A joy to know and fun to be near. A fine actor; I wish we’d made more pictures together”

5. Charlton Heston

“Vincent was a good actor. I had great respect for him, and great admiration for his abilities, which were considerable, there’s no question of that.”

6. Robert Mitchum

“He had great charm. He was totally free of any affectation at all, really, personally. He was a very caring person… He was versatile and demonstrated it.”

7. Dennis Hopper

“Vincent was the most gentle, wonderful man I’ve ever met, so for me to think of him as a villain is impossible. He had an incredible voice, an incredible presence."