On Shirley Temple

Actress, dancer, and diplomat, Shirley Temple Black charmed audiences beginning from the young age of three. Her dimples and curls lifted the spirits of Americans during dark times and even saved 20th Century Fox from going under.

Below some of Temple’s friends remember the multi-talented star.

1. Cesar Romero

“She had this natural charm and this great charisma that came out on the screen.”

2. Alice Faye

“The little girl was like apple pie and just a normal, normal little girl. That interested me, and I wanted to see the mother. And when I met her mother, I realized I knew why because she was a great lady. She was always with her, and it was a great combination.”

3. Debbie Reynolds

“Shirley Temple was the world’s little baby. A great talent who was truly loved all over the world.”

4. Margaret O'Brien

“She was just lovely – a very, very sweet girl. Shirley and I shared a unique bond, as child actors, that allowed us to share details that we couldn’t share with others… She certainly soared to such wonderful heights and had great achievements during her life. Sometimes people put a stamp on the world, and Shirley certainly did.”

5. June Lockhart

“We became friends, and she was great. While we were at Westlake, we did the film Miss Annie Rooney, and Shirley had her first screen kiss on screen. She was one of a kind and will be missed.”