On Paul Newman

Despite his great achievements, Paul Newman often doubted his own ability as an actor. He once said, "The toughest role is playing Paul Newman. My own personality is so vapid and bland, I have to steal the personalities of other people to be effective." 

While he may not have seen the remarkable qualities of his character, his co-stars certainly did. Read their comments below!

1. Elizabeth Taylor

“Paul Newman is one of the sweetest men I know. He was so unbelievably supportive with his kind words and just by being there for me. He helped me through an enormously difficult time in my life and I will always be grateful.”

2. Robert Redford

"Paul really likes to have fun, and he loves to laugh. He especially loves to laugh at his own jokes, and some of them are just really awful... He was a real friend. That humor that we had, I'll miss that. I'll miss him."

3. Burl Ives

“Paul is a better actor than he thinks he is. Some people think his range is limited, and I think Paul does too. Strange thing, though, is that when he cuts loose he acts like he knows he’s good—he did some really wonderful things in Cat, things that stay in your memory.” Read about Cat On A Hot Tin Roof here

4. Sally Field

“I was blessed to have know him. The world is better because of him. Sometimes God makes perfect people, and Paul Newman was one of them.”

5. Tennessee Williams

“Paul Newman… is terribly good. He works up to a part slowly, but when he finally gets to it, he’s marvelous.”

6. Joanne Woodward

“He’s very good looking and very sexy and all of those things. But all of that goes out the window, and what finally is left is if you can make someone laugh, then that’s very important. And he sure does keep me laughing.”

7. George Kennedy

"Paul Newman was a giant star when I worked with him in 1967. I was deferential to him, but he pulled no star-power strings. The man was a worker bee, and you can't even imagine him being unprepared."