On Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn – Kate to those who knew her – casts a spell on the screen. From her unmistakable voice to the strong roles that she created, Hepburn truly is a Hollywood icon. To this day, she holds the record for the most Academy Awards won for acting.

Read what others have said about Katharine below.

1. Cary Grant

“Working with her was incredible. You never saw such timing! She had a mind like a computer – every detail worked out! Yet computers don’t have instincts, and her instincts were infallible. She taught me just about everything I know about comedy…”

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2. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

“I remember disliking Kate because here she was, virtually a complete unknown, and she was getting far more publicity than I was! But when I got to know her, I fell in love with her. Head over heels.”

3. Lauren Bacall

“I was privileged to see her close up and to know her. To see the many sides of this beautiful, fragile, strong, sensitive, loyal, pure very complex woman. Always surprising. She was uniquely one of a kind. There never has been and there never will be anyone like her.”

4. Peter O’Toole

“Meeting Kate was the great experience of my life… She was like a press agent, she called me constantly, she was crazy about my work. She even came to Akuba to wish me luck on the filming of Lawrence of Arabia. If it had been twenty-five years before, I would have broken Spencer Tracy’s fingers to get her. When The Lion in Winter was due, I said yes at once!”

5. Jane Fonda

“[Hepburn] taught me that self-conscious isn’t necessarily bad, that it’s important to be aware of how you present [yourself]. Not just...what you have on and how you look, but your presentation as a human being on all levels was important.”

6. Anthony Hopkins

“She was wonderful. [The Lion in Winter] was the first film that I’d ever been involved in, and I didn’t know one end of a camera from the other. And naturally, I was rather nervous of her, and the first day on set with her I did everything wrong… and then she proceeded to help me… She was very helpful… She was probably the best person I ever worked with.”