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On John Wayne

John "Duke" Wayne is remembered for his tough man persona best seen in his epic Westerns. Below his co-stars remember the Hollywood legend.

1. Dean Martin

  Warner Brothers

"He's two loud-speaking guys in one... there's only one John Wayne, and nobody makes any mistakes about that."

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2. Maureen O'Hara

  Warner Brothers

“Speaking as an actress, I wish all actors would be more like Duke, and speaking as a person, it would be nice if all people could be honest and as genuine as he is. This is a real man.”

3. Ron Howard

  Paramount Pictures

"I always admired him as a movie star, but I thought of him as a total naturalist... he put the little hitch in, and he'd find the Wayne rhythm."

4. Rock Hudson

  Warner Brothers

"John Wayne was then the Hollywood legend, and I was on screen with him. The guy is an angel. He saved my life back then when no other filmmaker wanted to know me."

5. Lauren Bacall

  Paramount Pictures

"We not only got along well, but we were attracted to one another."

6. Kirk Douglas

  Paramount Pictures

"John Wayne was a star because he always played John Wayne. It wasn’t John Wayne who served the roles; the roles served John Wayne.”

7. Ann-Margret

  Warner Brothers

“…Duke was a strong, rugged formidable man, larger-than-life and incredibly personable. He was a big teddy bear, and we got along famously. Duke gave me the confidence I lacked.”

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