On Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes. The Voice. Chairman of the Board. That was Frank Sinatra.

But was he as charming off-screen as he was on? Find out from his co-stars below!

1. Shirley MacLaine

“Frank had swagger and a command that intimidated people and rightfully earned him the title ‘Chairman of the Board.’ He could also, however, be extremely vulnerable and exceedingly generous in his appreciation of someone else’s talent."

2. Peter Lawford

“This is such an enormous talent. Frank had some kind of magic that a lot of us wish we had.”

3. Doris Day

“…despite Frank’s sure and rather cocky exterior, I always felt there was sad vulnerability about him. I liked him. We had a fine relationship. There were many lovely things about him that I admired.”

4. Kim Novak

“My feeling toward Frank is one of admiration. He has seen so much that it is very interesting to be with him – and with his friends. They’re bright, alert, and sharp – just as he is."

5. Angela Lansbury

“Frank Sinatra is an extremely effective performer who has played the character that he has devised for himself. That works wonderfully well for him, and sometimes he takes a good step beyond that."

6. Steve McQueen

“He kept saying, ‘Give the close-up to Steve.’ He went out of his way to give me the breaks. ‘It’s your picture, kid.’”

7. Sophia Loren

“Before I came to Spain, I hear all sort of things [about Sinatra]. He is moody, he is difficult, he is a tiger, he fights. Here he is kindly, friendly. He has even helped me with my English, has teached me how people really speak in Hollywood. He is a regular gasser. I dig him.”

8. Sammy Davis Jr.

“He’d starred in half a dozen big pictures… and he’d lost it all. But he had the strength to start all over again completely from scratch. Being down in the business hadn’t licked him as an individual. Maybe the whole world was saying he’d had it, but he didn’t hear them or care.”

9. Grace Kelly

“I’d always longed to do a musical and, of course, working with Bing and Frank was simply marvelous. They create a certain excitement and are two very strong personalities. So it was fascinating for me to be in the middle – watching the tennis match go back and forth from one to the other with tremendous wit and humor – each one trying to outdo the other…”

10. Betty Garrett

“Making Ball Game… at MGM was pure joy, and Frank was an absolute delight to work with. He won my heart the first day on the set..."

11. Jane Russell

“Frank and I sang together… and to balance our voices he stood two feet from the mic and I had to crawl in it. What a voice that man has.”

12. Shelley Winters

“I too had sat in the orchestra at the Paramount Theater when I was a teenager and screamed every time he opened his mouth. I was determined to keep my association with Mr. Sinatra as professional as possible.  In retrospect, I suspect he wanted the same thing.”

13. Peter Falk

“Working on that picture was a blast. Off-camera, the boys, as Frank called them, were just like you see them onstage – loose and easy – plenty of laughs and one big surprise.”

14. Raquel Welch

“He has the most raw talent and magnetism of any man I’ve met. While we were filming, Frank was working at the Fontainebleau, and it was a complete revelation to see him in front of an audience. To completely hold people the way he did is a remarkable thing.”