On Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn was devilishly handsome with, as he put it, some wicked, wicked ways. He charmed audiences with his heroics and helped bring about a surge in swashbuckling films. Read what his contemporaries said below.

1. Olivia de Havilland

“He has so much humor and charm and vitality, and he really is all of those things that a hero is supposed to be… I never had any sort of romantic entanglement with him, but a lot of women threw themselves at his feet. It’s hard not to be characterized as a womanizer when they do that.”

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2. Jack Warner

“Actor or no actor, he showered an audience with sparks when he laughed, when he fought, or when he loved. He made people feel young and alive.”

3. Bette Davis

“He was just beautiful, Errol. He himself openly said, ‘I don't know really anything about acting,’ and I admire his honesty, because he's absolutely right.”

4. David Niven (being cheeky)

"You always knew precisely where you stood with him because he would always let you down."

5. Richard Erdman

“...women would just turn up on the set and follow him around,” he said. “He literally had to fight them off. He was a man’s man but also had a sensitive side to him — just a charming guy.”