On Elvis

He was the King of Rock and Roll, but what was he like to work with? Below his co-stars talk about the icon, Elvis Presley.

1. Nancy Sinatra

"I know he was the funniest man and probably the most serious man I knew, both people in one. He made me laugh so hard.”

2. Tuesday Weld

“…he was funny, charming, and complicated, but he didn’t wear it on his sleeve.”

3. Angela Lansbury

“I was obviously awed by being in [his] presence. He always was a wonderfully nice young man, very caring person. He couldn’t have been nicer to me.”

4. Shelley Fabares

“The presence that this man had. You couldn’t talk. Nobody did anything. You just stopped and watched him.”

5. Barbara Eden

“…he cared. That's what impressed me about Elvis. He cared so much about doing a good job and knowing his craft. He was a lovely man to work with. Good manners. He followed direction, he listened, and he was no problem. There wasn't a huge ego. He wanted to please.”

6. Mary Tyler Moore

“It was quite a wonderful experience. He was charming, and he had a big crush on me like a young kid with an older woman. He was just so shy and beside himself.”

7. Ann-Margret

“He had a great sense of humor. And he would tease me but I teased him back… We had a lot of laughs. Lots of laughter.”

8. Marlyn Mason

“…he was always down to earth and comfortable with himself. Some of that dialogue [in The Trouble with Girls] was so corny, but he managed to bring a realness to it. And I think that's just how he was in real life. He was a natural comedian, and his timing was just impeccable. I just found him to be a very genuine person.”

9. Ed Asner

“He was very nice to work with. I worked with him twice… he was a delightful young man to be around, never offensive, always seemed to work hard.”

10. Raquel Welch

“I never imagined when I got to Hollywood in 1964 that my first job would be in an Elvis movie... Whenever I hear ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ now, it takes me back. It reminds me of what a force Elvis was.”

11. Teri Garr

“Elvis Presley was the first person I worked with in a movie. It really was a big influence on me… And I think that really was an incredible catalyst for me. I mean, you're working with Elvis Presley, and he thinks that you guys are alike so maybe if he can do it, you can do it. So then something like that, it's a subliminal subconscious incredible influence he had on me.”