On Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor defined what it meant to be a movie star. She began her career at a young age and continued to find the spotlight through powerful performances. Below she is remembered by her friends and co-stars.

1. Shirley MacLaine

"I don't know what was more impressive - her magnitude as a star or her magnitude as a friend. Her talent for friendship was unmatched. I will miss her for the rest of my life and beyond."

2. Paul Newman

"One thing for sure, she is not afraid to take chances in front of people. I find a lot of actors who reach the top they become very protective of themselves and self-indulgent. But not Elizabeth. I was always staggered by her ferocity and how quickly she could tap into her emotions. It was a privilege to watch her."

3. Barbra Streisand

"It wasn't just her beauty or her stardom. It was her humanitarianism. She was funny. She was generous. She made her life count."

4. Debbie Reynolds

"She's beautiful. She was the most glamourous and sexual star of our generation. And no one could equal her beauty."

5. Liza Minnelli

“She was a true star because she not only had beauty and notoriety; Elizabeth Taylor had talent. As a friend she was always, always there for me. I’ll miss her for the rest of my life, but I was so lucky to have known her.”

6. Eva Marie Saint

“She was an incredible talent, and yes, she had those unforgettable eyes. I greatly admire her humanitarian efforts which have touched so many lives. Elizabeth was a very dear, generous and loving lady.”

7. John Travolta

“Elizabeth was the definition of greatness on all fronts. I loved her."